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Mantis 7DFPS

A first-person shooter in which players act the role of a sentient species of bipedal Insectiods, defending their galactic home from an aggressive empire of evil androids. Bots attack via orbital dropships, while players are spawned in subterranean hives that they must defend. In addition to scripted Solo/Coop play, there are additional DeathBall, Arena and PvP modes!

A synopsis of Game Modes:

Assault:               defend against bots assaulting from orbit

Conflicto             classic ‘Deathmatch’ with powerups

Song of Shields:  multiplayer ‘Deathmatch’ with powerups

Multilama:             fetch the ball from the center platform and race through each of the goals while carrying it. First team to score in every team's goal is the winner.

It comes with a demo level for each game mode, plus a test level with world editor.

press 'H" in-game for key commands

Mantis is a submission by Gibby/FDM to the 2014 7-Day Game Jam, originally created using the Open-Source T3D engine in seven days, between 11-7-15 and 11-15-18.

Note: there was an issue with the installer that corrupted some key commands in the original upload. The downloadable installer is now fixed - if you downloaded it before the fix, you can get the patch here:



Mantis.exe 334 MB